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Dear readers,

I want to create a directory for my readers to connect with each other. If you would like to share your blog, please leave a description of what readers will find if they visit your site. Hopefully, this will create positive connectivity for our blogging community. Please share this post!

Dr. Perry

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“I help ambitious and high achieving individuals manifest a life of success and fulfillment in order to achieve the life they truly desire.”

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A Kinder Community
“I started an independently hosted community so like-minded individuals could come together to uplift and support one another through love and kindness.”

Recovery FOR the Narcissist
“The intention of this podcast is to provide insight, support, and encouragement to anyone who exhibits narcissistic tendencies. My goal is to help you live a more empathic, compassionate, and fulfilling life.”

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  1. pendantry says:

    Well, let’s see… I have two blogs. The one that excites me the most is That site is for the ‘Multiphasic Phlyarological University’: it’s a collaborative effort, a site where like-minded folk can get together and expound about a subject that’s close to my heart: nonsense! The site is (currently at least) a private one; you need to request access to it. And once you’re in, you will need to ‘enrol’ in the University to participate. I welcome new phlyarology students! Come, dive in, the water’s fine! 😀

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  2. brendans2911 says:

    Hi Dr. Perry,

    I don’t want to promote my blog if in error; is that what you meant me to do?

    FitzGerald Press Blog: Books, Business, Faith, Movies, Sports, and More.

    FitzGerald Press mission is to inform, encourage and inspire.

    Thank you!

    (please delete if I am in error)

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  3. eraeholland says:

    I’d love to be included! My blog is If you’re looking for real, unfiltered mommy trials and tribulations, product reviews, and everything from potting soil to potty training then… OK, I’LL GIVE YOU MY OPINION! – ERICA HOLLAND

    Thank you!

    Erica Holland


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  4. Sachin Khurana says:
    Kindly visit the blog section on this website. You can share your self learning experiences as well.
    Description :
    We all, during our course of life go through some things which make you learn a lot and those learnings last for a long time. This is an initiative to encourage people through my writing not to make that mistake which I made during that point of time which they might be going through and to make them learn and to inspire them through my own life experiences.

    I thank you Dr Eric for this initiative.

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  5. Dr. Perry,

    This is an awesome idea and so thoughtful of you! My blog Notes by LaRue, is centered on bringing hope, motivation and encouragement, one NOTE at a time, with the focus being on God! He’s seen me through many trials and tribulations, and I want others to find hope in knowing that just as He’s brought me through, He’ll do the same for them, but first they have to believe! My goal is not so much about “followers”, but for people to allow the word God has given me, to “follow” them and get them through their times of difficulty, hopelessness and despair!

    Thank you!

    Deetra La’Rue

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  6. Agile-Mercurial.
    I haven’t written in a few months (New Kid, New Job), but will get back to it shortly.
    I mostly write about Agile (Scrum, Kanban, etc), Leadership, Project Management, and related business areas.

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  7. jouyoz says:

    My blog is done through wordpress. It is purely about various issues, events and activities that are real life experiences for me. I might have the odd fiction at times. It also shares and expresses my faith which is the foundation of my life. There’s something for everyone who stops by.

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  8. WaltGirl says:

    This is great, thank you! My site is Wild About Walt on WordPress. It is about Walt Disney, Disney Destinations, Perseverance, Determination, Dreams, Creativity, and Magic. I post for my side Disney travel business as well as thoughts and inspirational personal stories.

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    • Sachin Khurana says:

      Great!! You just got a new follower!

      Do check my content as well! Support is everything we can do for each other 😊
      Let’s grow!

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  9. Carol says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever commented but I love reading your posts! I especially appreciate your posts that deal with narcissism and abuse. I wonder if you have a post that specifically addresses the abused husband in such a situation? I may have missed it if you covered it. I think men are sometimes overlooked when discussing abuse. There’s a situation in my family where the wife is abusing the husband but the husband won’t leave because he cannot abandon his boys (11 and 14) so he takes the abuse (verbal and at times physical) in order to be there for his boys. The threats she makes has him immobilized. A divorce would certainly be ugly. Women sometimes stay because they feel they might not be able to support themselves but men might stay because protecting the children or maintaining the image of family is the “manly” thing to do?

    Back to the subject of your post! I’m a book review blogger and I’ll leave my link here but I’m not sure if you are looking for bloggers in your niche or a variety of bloggers in your vision of connecting bloggers??? Here’s one of my recent reviews and a description of my blog in case it’s a fit for your project….

    Reading Ladies is a blog dedicated to sharing a love of great literature across a variety of genres with an intentional focus on new releases, thoughtful themes, diverse cultures, and “own voices” authors. I desire to be a trusted reviewer for your next great read!

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  10. Kyia Sada' says:

    This is super awesome! My blog-Life Is Mental- gives insight into my life with living with anxiety and depression, sharing how mental illness affects everyday lives and households as well as sharing my faith and being transparent about the things I’m going through and experiencing.

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  11. Blogs by J says:

    Great idea Dr. Perry!! On my blog I post about life in general in hopes to inspire, enlighten, and create positivity and connection. I’ve always admired your work!

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  12. 🌸Mase🌸 says:

    Thank you for this. is a personal blog chronicling the life of a young South African woman as she uses her words as the connective tissue between our lives offering hope, love and light to others ❤️

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  13. Samantha B. says:

    My blog is
    Learning, motivation, connection, and empowerment. I write poetry, share stories from my life and the experiences I’ve had, and talk about questioning what we think we know about the world.
    Thank you for doing this and connecting everyone!

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  14. pennross says:

    Sweet idea, thank you!
    My blog has funny stories and observations. My art, is mostly funny and whimsical and my photography goes through changes from portrait to what’s in my backyard and soon, hopefully going back to portrait.

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  15. Paul says:

    What a cool idea, you never fail to surprise me!
    My blog is about my self improvement journey (or ‘venture’) You’ll find posts from mental health to physical health. There isn’t a topic I don’t intend to cover! ✌🏻

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  16. Rida J says:

    Thank you for your generosity! We are shedding light on your reality at Sharing the positive in life’s ups and downs. Come take a peak.

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  17. Amy Scoggins says:

    Lovely idea. Thank you.

    On my blog, you can usually find something that will relate to mental health, my random thoughts or something that I hope will bring a bit of positivity.

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    • M'bolla says:

      Feels great and fulfilling to be hooked with everyone here.
      As Misty Copeland 👌rightly puts it, “Anything is possible when you have the right people to support you”
      Thank you Dr. Eric Perry for this.
      I wish everyone best of luck in your writing career.
      You can listen and subscribe to my podcast episodes while you #stayathome. and across other distribution platforms.
      Thanks always for your love and support.🤗

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  18. Andria Kennedy says:

    Silentio Sonante ( is the result of **cough, cough** years of learning to cope with depression, anxiety, and the tribulations of life the hard way. I know a lot of other people experience a lot of the same wrong footings I went through, and I’m hoping by expounding on my missteps that I might save them some of my heartbreak.

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  19. Desiree Roland says:

    Thank you Dr. Perry, you are awesome!
    My blog is all about wellness living – inspiring others in making a fresh start, together as one community, as a Librarian. #ReadersAreLaders

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  20. Helleren Gregory says:

    Thanks for doing this, my blog is: I do a lot of photography & travel usually on it. Lately it’s a Bay Area COVID diary that I thought would be 2 weeks and is now indefinite. Otherwise, it’s just my thoughts on aging.

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  21. Minah Webb says:

    This is such a great idea! My blog is focused more on remaining positive, and in the present, while following my journey in maneuvering through “emerging adulthood”.

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  22. Fomtriok says:

    It is fascinating to see such a diverse group of people here. Many of the blogs seem very interesting! I am writing about philosophy, life and the world. And I’m soon going to launch an innovative financial service/platform for the purpose of reducing economic unfairness and fighting climate change. If you stay tuned there’ll be a perk for people who follow my blog who signup for that (free of course) fintech service. Until then, stay safe. / Best wishes, Oscar, Fomtriok

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  23. zach1213 says:

    Take It . My blog is all things stress. The causes, techniques to manage stress, how to avoid stressors, etc. I’m new to blogging, and stress is something I’ve personally struggled with in my life. I would like to share techniques to hinder stress’ affects that I have personally tried, as well as add in some research. I want people to be able to personally connect with me through my blog, but also see I have done extensive research on the subjects. My passion is to help people struggling with stress, just like I do.

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  24. Thank you for this opportunity, Dr. Perry!

    What I can share with those reading is a blog centered on my development as a writer. It might seem selfish, but the words I weaved have touched hearts along the way.

    I am not the next Stephen King, because I do not want to be. A true writer doesn’t emulate a favorite author. He becomes the favorite author himself, by boldly stripping bare for his readers to see (even where the sun doesn’t shine). And how do I plan on doing that?

    Writing is the 1st step, but there is another ingredient to this recipe, and it can be found here:

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    Hi, as a woman striving to live an authentic life, I share about my struggles with alcohol addiction, PTSD and depression via my series – Wild Woman Walking a Spiritual Path, I write a Blog series of the 55 Rules for Love – writing about each Rule and how that applies to my marriage – struggles and triumphs. As a Reiki Master Teacher, I write a series on the Five Principles of Reiki – Just For Today – I Will Not Worry, Be Angry Be Kind To All Living Things, Be Grateful and Do My Work Honestly – again all personal reflections of my struggles and my triumphs. I share my journey of personal goals to run a half-marathon and learn to snowboard. I have a section on Thought and Feelings where I explore many of my wonderings about intelligence, spirituality, addictions, living with mental illness, freeing myself from mental illness, etc…

    I hope in some way – my sharing of sufferings, my joys, my successes, my search to live an authentic life – to be true to me – and live from love – will inspire someone else. ❤️🙏🏻❤️🌼

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  26. I forgot to say, Thank You Dr. Perry for this opportunity to create a positive connection to others via your wonderful blog! ❤️🌼🙏🏻🌼❤️ Let our hope for a better life, a better world create an energetic vibe that spreads love and inner-peace to everyone out there during these chaotic times. ❤️🌼🙏🏻🌼❤️

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  27. Appreciate the opportunity to share Dr. Perry 🙂

    My blog is
    I write mostly poetry, short stories, and share drawings revolving around mental health and finding the light inside the darkest caves of life experience. I hope to connect with other writers, professors, and mental health professionals.

    Dr. Perry, thank you for following my blog. I enjoyed diving into yours and find some great tools to use myself.

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  28. Matt P says:

    Thank you Dr. Perry for this!

    My blog site is

    It talks about life’s realities. But lately, I’ve been trying different forms of poetry. And soon, ‘Reality’ will arrive…

    Check out my blog fellow bloggers. If you like it, maybe you can join me. Thanks!

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  29. I love that you have done this! My blog is it is a faith blog that features biblical encouragement in the form of blog posts, instagram posts, and a podcast. It is not exclusive to women (this is just the name I came up with). I promote lots of prayer, perseverance, and practice life lessons that come from the bible. I hope you guys check it out 😊

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  30. rtb77 says:

    My blog is about living life with a disability. I am a 43 year old male who was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. I try to put a humorous spin on my experiences. I also write about more than just disability. I write about life, family, and travel. Please stop by and say hello at: – thank you for the opportunity to share my link.

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    • Hi – I just wanted to tell you that, thanks to this initiative, I’ve found your blog I’ve been enjoying reading your posts. I find the gentle honesty really beautiful and it’s nice to escape into someone else’s real-time thoughts – just for a moment. Thanks and keep them coming.

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  31. rtb77 says:

    My blog is about living life with a disability. I am a 43 year old male who was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus. I try to put a humorous spin on my experiences. I also write about more than just disability. I write about life, family, and travel. Please stop by and say hello at: – thank you for the opportunity to share my link.

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  32. ehpoetry says:

    My blog is about my book of poetry, which is titled Stapled Sister. This blog is primarily a class assignment that I expanded to give more information to people who are interested in my poetry. I have posts in which I explain the origins of the book, the purpose of the book title, and the meanings of certain poems. Additionally, I connect the poems excerpted to ethical issues and the Bible. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

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  33. Dr Perry, this is extremely generous! My blog is I write to inspire others to thrive personally & in relationships from a Christian perspective. I read some of your blogs & really enjoyed your positive posts. Thanks!

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  34. Hi everyone, my blog,, addressed healing painful memories and transforming negative thinking into positive thinking. Our thoughts are controlled by our environment, experiences, the spirit world, and memories. Thoughts create feelings; feelings builds beliefs; beliefs generate behaviors; and behaviors leads you to your destiny. Change your destiny by changing your thinking.

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  35. Tisanke Joy Simasiku says:

    Thanks, Dr Perry 😍.
    My blog is about Purpose, Love, Peace and Belonging; close to seven weeks old now. From the moment I was aware of myself as a person, I battled low self-esteem, feelings of worthlessness and anxiety attacks which later turned into recurring episodes of depression in adulthood. I faced lots of challenges fitting in everywhere. During my lowest moments about four years ago, I discovered my purpose in life, I learnt how to be happy and I haven’t had a depression episode since then. In a nutshell, most of what I share on my blog are ways in which I found myself and how I’m holding it all together; my vision is to reach out to young people who feel as alone as I once felt. Most of my content has a religious touch to it, because, without God, I would have been history right now. Please check me out

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  36. Thank you Dr. Perry for this opportunity to share with others through your kind intention of introducing my website
    It is a site where I like to promote my recently released non-fiction,spiritual book called’To Resurrect the True Self’.It is about my self healing journey inwards into my self.I undertook the pathway of understanding intense unnecessary suffering and the entangling myself out of it.I share insights, experiences,lessons gained and learned in the chapters of the book.There are meditation,breathing and visualization exercises that I share whereby it helped me greatly into the self-realization and healing process.
    I do invite all of you to have peek at the website and see what you may find.If I can be of any help please feel free to pose me a question or perhaps even to share and interact.
    Thank you all kindly!

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  37. genienakano says:

    Dear Dr. Perry–haiku, tanka, are my poetry specialties. I also like to write short stories and in stream of consciousness. I am a performer, dancer, meditation and yoga instructor. My blogs include yoga videos and performance of spoken word.

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  38. Every Day Practice says:

    Dear Dr. Perry, thank you for lifting us all up! My blog is called Everyday Practice. I write about the experience of using mindfulness and the Buddhist wisdom teachings as supports to learn to love and accept ourselves with no part left out.

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  39. LaraPalafox says:

    Dear Dr. Perry,
    Hope you are well! Thank you for the opportunity to connect with your readers.
    I created my website to be a source of inspiration to others. Prompted by former students, I draw upon my own adventures, struggles, triumphs, research, humor, and love.

    Take care, everyone.

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    • LaraPalafox says:

      I would like to add that my posts are not just my thoughts and experiences. I provide practical suggestions and information curated from extensive research that can be used immediately to improve your life!
      Aloha, and take good care of yourself!

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  40. Copy Chick says:

    Responding to your lovely invite to share our blogs, mine is A collage of writings, both on life, grief, civics, widowhood and of late, our human community in pandemic times, with a touch of humor and inspiration.

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  41. Dr. Perry, thank you so much for the opportunity! My blog is and while it’s in its infancy, I especially appreciate being listed with you.
    I love being a people connector and inspiring others to embrace change and to appreciate the present moment. I have also found health and wellness products that have been Making Way For The Good so I am sharing Navan on the blog as well. While I am not a professional counselor by degree, I have been helping people for many years as a Companion and Mentor through hard times by using my gifts and experiences to guide them to healing. I recently began this blog as I realized my Divine Purpose is to help on a grander scale and reaching out beyond my own comfort zone is my challenge. So, here I am.
    I am also the author of The Presents of Presence (Misifusa’s Blog) which has been in existence for ten years. I have made so many beautiful connections through blogging and I hope that with this blog, I can continue to help others in healing mind, body and spirit.

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  42. Hi, I’m SnapDragon. I’m a writer, painter, new mom, and old-soul. My blog is a collection of Two-Bit Musings, Book Reviews, and general shenanigans. Above all, I value authenticity. Hope you join us! 🕊

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  43. susankgray says:

    Thank you, Dr. Perry, for this opportunity! I blog here at WordPress about depression, schizoaffective disorder, getting better, getting older, my MS, and trying in general. I’m a counselor educator, but don’t work in my field.

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  44. My blog is

    The goal of each of my blog posts is to inspire workplaces to eradicate all forms of toxic leadership.

    Emotional contagion means that family members risk ‘catching’ the negative emotions of one member who works in a toxic environment. Furthermore, anyone who comes in contact with a member of that family also risks being infected.

    Emotional contagion means that not only are tyrant leaders inadequate at their jobs; they are also afflictions upon society and the world.

    Thanks for this initiative Dr Perry.

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    Hello to all.
    The blog I have created is Frowardmotivation. This was made to help inspire others. Yes there are many motivational blogs out there but that’s not the point. Whether someone has done it or not, you are still to drive for your dreams because the way you perceive what you have read maybe the thing you have been waiting to perceive that you need.

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  46. Lee says:

    I have a lot of likes. I discuss natural healing on my blog. I have listed plants I forage with pictures. I discuss the bible. I have a little information about personal computers , mostly pertaining to the Linux operating system. I like to make up my own recipes and I post those and recipes I found on the net that I like.
    I do dabble a little on topics people may not like . I show how corrupt many things are so people can learn how to protect themselves and their families.
    Sorry about the name of my blog. I was experimenting with making juices from combing wild herbs I gathered and fruits. I would experiment mixing them together to make a variety of juices. I did not know that juicing is a term used by people who use steriods.

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  47. Thank you, Dr. Eric for this opportunity.
    I am a food technologist ,my blog are directly and indirectly connected with food safety and healthy living. Being Spiritually oriented , my blogs will have tone of spiritual content as well of India.
    Site is
    Topics written are:
    Improving Immunity
    Bad effect of RO water
    Whosoever is father of diesease mother is food.
    Indian Stock market
    Every one is great.

    Thank you once again.

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  48. I blog mainly about learning to live with an Acquired Brain Injury. Even though no two brain injuries are alike, I share experiences, strategies I’ve learned and the help I’ve received from Occupational Therapist, brain injury counsellor, and a few other support people.
    Read about some of the challenges I’ve overcome including cycling from Vancouver BC to St. John’s Newfoundland.
    Find me at

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  49. VitaminC-GreenTea says:

    This is so awesome! thank you for this opportunity to create a community. I’m still trying to figure out my blog’s niche but basically it’s a mix of lifestyle, beauty, and motivation. I think motivation and coaching is my calling and I’m figuring out a way to get there.

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  50. I have Lloyd’s Lens Photography LLC. The blog is to showcase my photos which are mostly nature photos from the Appalachian Mountains of West Virginia. I try to impart a sense peace and tranquility in each post. Sometimes I use the photos to tell a fiction story or on rare occasion it will be a poem. Friday’s are special because every Friday post a wild edible or sometimes a plant that can be used for tools etc. The posts are always family friendly.

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  51. My blog is about my experiences, what I have learned…I try to find the positivity & silver lining!
    I am humbled & grateful to be able to participate, thank you!:)

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  52. Karina Fuentes says:

    Thank you so much for giving us such an opportunity to share about our blogs!

    I write about the lessons I learn in my spiritual journey and growth progress which young adults may be able to relate to, teenagers may be able to learn from, and which may help those in the middle to late adulthood to understand the younger ones’ gradual process of growth and maturity.

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  53. SIMI says:

    Hello Doc.. This is Dr Ila, a dentist, nutrionist and a blogger. I write short poems, quotes and sometimes a healthy recipe too. Thanks for connecting with me. Regards

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  54. Sami Grosse says:

    Hi Dr. Perry! Thank you for the opportunity.
    My name is Sami. I’m a health and wellness coach based in Montreal. My focus is coaching others to incorporate more healthy habits into their daily lives for optimal health. After having experiencing burnout at 23, I discovered how important daily habits are to overall health and wellbeing.
    My blog covers topics related to mental health, fitness, wellbeing, healthy habits, goal setting, motivation, coaching and personal growth.
    You can check it out here:
    ==》 《==

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  55. jadapotata says:

    I really just write what comes. Life throws and I guess I attempt to catch and it’s basically just a blog about the stuff I’m catching .

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  56. autismduniya says:

    Thank you, Dr Perry, for an opportunity for bloggers to connect. I have enjoyed checking out some of the blogs mentioned here.
    My blog is It is about parenting an autistic child from a mostly South Asian perspective.

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  57. Chloie says:

    Hello Dr. Perry! I’d like to join & promote my site. My blog website is & I focus on writing poetry with my personal thoughts & feelings. I also write about my life experiences & lessons I learned with hopes to inspire others. Please follow me and I will gladly follow you back! Have a good day everyone. Keep safe.

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  58. ericacarlson says:

    My blog is, and it’s about learning to be happy and be yourself!! I’ve struggled with mental illness for a long time and I want to help people who are struggling with similar things get through it 🙂

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  59. Hello!

    Thanks Dr. Perry for giving us this opportunity to connect!

    My blog is

    I write about digital marketing & trends, our current situation with COVID-19, arts and culture articles, book reviews, and some personal musings

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  60. Hi Dr. Perry, thank you for the opportunity!

    My name is Osasu Arigbe, and the link to my blog is

    I’m an HR professional. I write about important HR topics or share my experience as an HR Professional. My goal is to share posts that help elevate the HR profession and be a resource to my audience. I’ll occasionally write about career tips, motivation, self-care, and life topics that people might find helpful.

    Feel free to check it out. Thank you.

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  61. Sonu Beniwal says:

    Thanks for the opportunity Dr. Eric.
    My blog is

    I have recently started my blog and I like to write about the Self Development, Learning, Investing, Economics to help the peoples to understand how the economy works and affects us.
    I believes that knowing about the things around us enhances our Ability to make the right decisions and it makes the world a better place. So be with me in my journey to make the world a better place. Thanks again.

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  62. marycaezar says:

    Hello Dr. Perry. Thank you for providing this way for bloggers to connect. I must say I’m a newbie here. I just joined wordpress recently. I (would) randomly post things through creative writing; including poetry (for one), prose, short narratives, etcetera.

    I am glad to know that you’re specializing Psychology, by the way 🙂

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  63. Dr. Perry,
    Thank you for the opportunity. I’m a recent widower, former business exec, who left everything behind in California and moved to Italy to reinvent life after loss. My blog covers the cultural learnings, human healing process, and how to survive and pick up the pieces when life twists in a way that you could never imagine.

    Thanks again, Luke

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  64. Muralikrish says:

    Thank you Dr.Perry.
    My blog name is :
    It’s about our life. It reflects incidents, behaviour and manner of our life.

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  65. Hi Dr. Perry,
    Before going to my blog, I must say that your blog posts are fabulous. I read your blog posts not regularly, but frequently. 🙂
    Well, mine is a positive blog which I started out of my love for writing. I was searching for a good platform and WordPress was a great choice. It has been more than a year since I started and I post every month.
    In brief, it’s a good and a simple positive blog where I exhibit my love for writing with a mixture of positivity.

    My blog link is

    If time permits, do read my posts.

    And thank you for giving me this opportunity.

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  66. Hello everyone

    Thank you Dr Perry for this amazing opportunity to share our blogs.

    My blog is relatively new and is found at:

    It is called Adventure into Hope 2020. I started a ‘hope experiment’ at the start of this year and I committed to writing about hope every day during 2020. It is quite timely during this andemic. It is aimed at those of us who battle with depression, suicidal thoughts or mental health issues. There are also stories of hope on the site.

    Would love some feedback.

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  67. the80stom says:

    Hello there, my name is Tom and I do a movie review blog in my spare time. I would usually review newer released films, however, due to the current curcumstances that is not really possible. As a result, I’m reviewing older/cult classics at the moment. Hope you all enjoy it!
    All construtive feedback is very much welcomed!

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  68. Mizou says:

    Thanks a lot for this great opportunity. My name is mizou and my blog is at
    I do believe that Sharing is better than receiving ! And a small action can make a difference in someone’s life. So , thank you in advance for visiting my site which tells you about travel, lifestyle in general, some uplifting ideas !
    Thank you Dr Perry !

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  69. This is a lovely idea – thank you!

    My little seedling of a site is called Cathedral Grove (
    I typically write about well-being (with a focus on mindfulness and mental health), nature, travel + adventure. I start each week with a Monday Mindfulness post, wrap up each week with a round-up of positive news stories from around the world, and sprinkle other content somewhere in the middle!

    – ❤ Megan

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  70. V says:

    Thanks so much Doc.

    On I talk about you can take back control of Your life with Fitness, and self-development without NO sugarcoating. You’ll get your truths RAW in here.

    Visit my blog to see what i’m all about.

    Thanks for your time 😀

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  71. Hello Dr. Perry, thank you very much for the chance to share my blog. I hope you and your family are all safe and well in these strange days. My blog is The Write of My Life at and it is about spirituality, animals, nature, compassion, gardening, inspiration, being a writer and expanding our spiritual growth. Namaste. Marese Hickey

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  72. Fenichi says:

    I would be happy to be a part of this!
    My blog is and I mostly write about my thoughts and reflections about love, life, relationships and everything in between, and I also write articles on self-help and poetry!

    Thank you for this opportunity! 🙂

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  73. David Ng says:

    Thank you, Dr Perry, for giving us the opportunity and the platform to share our blog. Really appreciate it.

    Hi everyone, I love writing inspiring and motivating articles in my blog. I believe it’s great to spread positivity around everyday and especially in times like this where the whole world is in chaos, it is good to share some positive light into the world. Do check out my blog and I hope you enjoy it. Thank you.


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  74. danniebier says:

    Thank you Dr. Perry for this opportunity to connect with other inspiring authors!

    Here’s mine.

    It’s a blog where I put my free verse poems, thoughts, reviews, spiritual encouragement, and inspirations for the soul. Mostly are personal content, but God made me realize that I should open up a little and share my thoughts to the world. We never know, someone might be needing the right words to hear. Thanks y’all! ❣️

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  75. 1blsdmama says:

    Thank you for creating this very important resource for all readers.
    My blog is called Only Heaven Knows and it’s a blog where audiences can find Monday through Friday new messages titled “Good Morning Ya’ll Ministry messages “. These are uplifting, encouraging, and inspiring messages sharing God’s wisdom and awesome word and geared towards helping everyone grow closer in their walk with Jesus and finding their hope, strength, and purpose in the presence and the word of God. I pray that your readers will find the hope, strength, inspiration, support, and encouragement they need in every new message they read.
    God Bless!

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  76. Chloe says:

    I am a young woman with a degree in Psychology, and I have experienced anxiety my whole life. My blog is a combination of accounts of my experiences of anxiety, and tips and advice based on what I know and what I have learnt. I hope it’s helpful for some of you! ❤️

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  77. Hello my name is Alice and I am a retired real estate broker in Savannah Georgia. My blog is I share my travels and lots of photos of Coastal Georgia and South Carolina. Also visitor information and local culture and history. Would love to have you pop in for a visit. Thanks for the opportunity to get my blog out there.

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  78. Hello everyone,

    Thanks you Dr Perry for this chance to share our work.

    My blog – ‘Kicking It With Kumar’ – is an outlet, a voice, a release mechanism.

    link text

    I write passionately about mental health, meditation and meaning.

    I would really appreciate some feedback on my posts.



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  79. Hello Dr. Perry,

    Thank you for initiating this activity. About my blogsMy blogs post are very artistry in a reflective, poignant, uplifting, and  faith-driven way. I try to uplift myself by helping others.  I believe real inspiration and encouragement are needed now during this bizarre time when people are mourning the loss of loved ones, loss of jobs and  what the loss of what people consider to be normal lives!

    | | | | | |


    | | | | SWWYH: “Start with what you have”

    Imperfectly Lionizing |



    Many thanks once again! Maintain your health and keep safe! Elizabeth

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  80. Thanks for the opportunity to share and for setting the stage for this to happen 🙏. My blog “I Wonder What This Button Does” at is a collection of my thoughts regarding growth, cultivating creativity & curiosity, and trying to get out of your own way. I’m a technologist by day and also a Life Skills Coach, a bread baker and a bassist. I look forward to exploring some of these new finds here. Thanks again!

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  81. CandyH2O says:

    This is kind of you to create a directory of fellow bloggers, snd I am happy to participate. You’ll find positive, thought-provoking ideas in the form of haiku (micro poem). I also (occasionally) share my artwork on the blog.

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  82. Luna Allen says:

    Hello! This is a wonderful idea. My website is:
    I write about my experiences as a cult-survivor, an ex-Jehovah’s Witness specifically, as well as interesting stories that are both helpful and informative for anyone who wants to simply learn about new things, and explore new ways of thinking! Every Sunday I also post about my favorite musical artists who inspire creativity in me, and I hope can inspire musical creativity in everyone else as well.
    Thank you!

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  83. Hi Dr. Perry! Thank you for the opportunity to connect with each other!
    My name is Angelo, I am from Greece and I am new with blogging. My blog is about positive attitute, simple tips that can help you become active, healthier and stronger mentally. I would like to know your thoughts, any feedback is welcome! Thank you! have a great day!

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  84. myhorseheart says:

    Thank you, Dr. Perry, for creating a beautiful opportunity for connection within the blogging community. Our world needs as much of this as possible right now.

    My blog, My Horse Heart, is a continuing personal story of overcoming, growth, and connectivity.

    For those who read it, my hope is that you’re inspired to live courageously with lots of heart – ❤️

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  85. olehippies says:

    In my blog you will find travel, review of movies and books, cooking, crafting, grandchildren, photography and what ever else peeks my interest at the time.

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  86. Thank you so much for this opportunity, Dr. Perry, as well as for all the interesting material you share in your posts.
    This spider web you are starting can keep us busy for a long time… Such wealth of creativity and ideas that wishes to be shared for the benefit of all. I am really looking forward visting all these interesting blogs.

    My own is found at

    I write when I am inspired, and share the insights as I find them along this bumpy and wonderful road, called life. I have kept myself very busy when trying to understand the human mind, the art of living and why we do what we do. This curiosity has made me explore many different fields, as well as many different paths. Some would call me psychic, personally I do not know what I am – just human, I guess 🙂

    Have a lovely day!

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  87. Njoki W says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. My blog is I write short stories/realistic fiction, short articles on current issues, poetry here and there. I also have a Spiritual Sunday category where I write about God. Do check it out 🙂

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  88. iamvhardik says:

    Hello people,

    Thank you Dr Perry for giving this opportunity to share our blogs 😊

    Hi, I am Vijay. My blog is called ‘The Critlizers’. I give my take on issues that take place around us. I also explore the world of travel and literature when I am away from the news.

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  89. Andrea Calitri says:

    Hello and thank you for this post Dr. Perry.

    My blog is new as of this year, is ‘The Candid Joys of a Homebody”.

    More of a lifestyle blog I like to share on things that are close to heart, the going-ons around our new home out in the country, and recommendations on things like books, pet care, home decor and more.

    As I am just getting started it’s not perfect but it has been a lot of fun to interact with others through my posts. Currently I am working on my second post of book reviews, it will be posted in the next few days.

    I am always open to feedback!

    Thank you,


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  90. So many blogs, so little time. What a wonderful way to get to know some other writers.
    I have two blogs: is a memoir blog of a girl growing up during the ’50s. Life was nothing like MAD MEN for most of us in the midwest.
    I call a “noun blog.” I write about people, places, and things. Lately, it’s been mostly about things. But I do like to interview other interesting people I meet along the way. Would you be interested in an interview?

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  91. Era Singh says:

    Hello everyone ,
    Dr.perry it is great initiative on your part. I have started blogging only recently and my blog is quite new …..It is
    Being a dr by profession my a mental health enthusiastic and post articles and poetry about various aspects of life, motivation , nature etc and few things related to medical science

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  92. 1ofthosedays_ is about how we all have “1 of those days” whether it be good or bad. Whether your day be on a high or low, just remember that you are not alone. We are all living this lie together, so why not make it our best life yet!

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  93. capost2k says:

    Dr. Perry, thanx for your fascinating blogs! And for the opportunity to share here.
    My blog at is a personal journal/philosophy theme, focusing on what it means to be a Christ-follower. No sales nor investment opportunities; just thoughts.

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  94. Hello Dr. Eric, It’s been a long time since I checked your blog. I’m sorry! I hope you and your family are well and safe in these strange times. I still remember you publishing one of my posts, three years or so ago – this gave me so much confidence in my writing.

    Anyway, thank you for giving us the opportunity to share our sites. My blog is about my experience of sudden hearing loss (the hearing in my left ear just disappeared in a moment). My posts describe my story of coming to terms with my loss and what it’s like to live with hearing loss. I have also started interviewing others about their own hearing loss stories. I hope your readers find it interesting. Here it is:

    Stay safe everyone!

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  95. Ladysag77 says:

    What a wonderful idea!! My name is Maria Teresa and my blog is called “Emotional Musings” and can be found at
    I write about emotions and the human condition. I’m an intuitive empath and Irefer to my own healing journey for inspiration and to spread hope! I write poems too and include one in every post with a story surrounding the meaning behind each one.
    Thank you Dr. Perry for starting this!!

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  96. gracespeaker says:

    Thank you for this opportunity! I write to share hope and grace through God’s word. I love connecting with people and providing joy for the journey. Https:/

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  97. Hello Dr. Perry! Thank you for inviting others to share inspiration and hope. It is definitely needed now more than ever. My personal blog highlights family and work life – all with a heavy dose of humor. I also focus on the serious issue of homelessness and work as a grant writer for a faith-based organization in San Diego. Visit:

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  98. Such a good way to stimulate interaction 🌻
    I have been looking for new blogs to follow and engage with, and this makes it much easier.
    My blog :
    Is a collection of my humble oeuvres .
    I write poetry and write-ups about life, love , tragedy, self-image and many others things that are a frequent event of everyday life.

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  99. Thank you, Dr. Perry for this.

    Hello everyone, I am a lifelong student and philosophy and I write about the beauty of appreciating things in life.

    I just started and I would really like to connect with my fellow bloggers.

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  100. Thank you, Dr. Perry! My blog is I post poetry and prose on mystical, metaphorical, and metaphysical themes. I also post links to new episodes on my poetry podcast called Poetry:The Memoir of the Soul, which is found at There I tackle topics such as grief, kindness, Mother Nature, presence, courage, the shape of our light, and similar themes through prose and poetry.

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  101. Thank you so much Dr. Perry, for this wonderful initiative 🙂
    This is the link to my blog, The Solitary Musings. Here, I write stories, book-reviews and those thoughts that come to my mind during my me-time, which I feel can help others or can be shared with others to hear their views. I’m very new here, it has just been a month. I’m looking forward to interact with fellow bloggers, and would love to hear suggestions from all of you, about my writeups.
    Thank you and happy blogging! 🙂

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  102. Saurab says:

    Thanks a lot for creating this post! Found some interesting blogs in the process.

    My blog is:

    I write about environmental sciences, covering everything from ecology concepts to climate change to tips/tricks to live an environment-friendly life.

    I’m trying to make this platform a resource for any beginner wanting to learn more about the environmental sciences!

    Have a look!

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  103. Anish Nair says:

    Hello Dr. Perry! Its wonderful what your trying to achieve here. And Thank you for the opportunity to share our blogs and through it our friendship!
    My blog is called The Poetic Prism and is at . Inquisitive Poetry, Short Stories and a little bit of my commentary on life is what it is all about!.
    Waiting to hear from you.

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  104. Thank you for spreading the positivity!
    I am a young poet and puts forward my feelings, emotions and all insecurities in my poems. I use simple words defining my emotions and join them together in poetic form.
    My blog is new and can be found at:
    Kindly have a look and share your views.
    Thank you!

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  105. What a wonderful idea, thank you Dr Perry!
    On my blog you will find a mixture of short stories and articles focussing on the human condition, more specifically our relationships with ourselves and each other. As a fantasy and horror writer, there will also be little drops of escapism here and there. I aim to invoke positive thinking and create a real sense of ‘togetherness’ in my writing. We are all so entirely unique, yet very much the same.

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  106. Thank you so much for doing this! I have a blog at that tells about my journey through betrayal trauma. I have recently started a new website that will be more about how I used that experience to become a life coach for women in betrayal trauma. Eventually, I will move everything over to my new website and close cupcake warrior since my Ex husband stalks my blog. My new website is for my brand Inner Peace Pathways and can be found at or

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  107. seaangel4444 says:

    Hello everyone, and thank you so much, Dr. Perry! I write a blog called, “The Chicago Files.” I’m originally from Canada, and I write about my experiences, observations, etc. on living in this amazing city. My blog has morphed somewhat since its inception six years ago. I post a lot of photos of Lake Michigan, architectural ‘cool’ buildings, and most definitely humor abounds. My favorite posts to write about about deal with kindness, compassion, empathy, caring, and helping others. Everyone is welcome! Cher xo

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  108. Hi and thank you for this opportunity! I am a writer and speaker and my site covers divorce, dating, mental health and other observations on modern life. I also have a poetry section. I’d be more than happy to send you a copy of my book, Something Changed – Stumbling Through Divorce, Dating and Depression.

    My site can be found here:

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  109. Hey there! Thanks for the opportunity to share your posts as well as my blog with your readers! Visitors to my site will find a variety of posts about life with all of the ups and downs- just as we live it! Readers will find posts every Sunday with others sprinkled in throughout the weeks. My goal is to spread some positivity and hope through my words! Join me:

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  110. Clive says:

    Hiya. Thanks for this opportunity. My blog can be found at and is called Take It Easy. The title reflects my view of life since I retired. I cover mental health topics – why I began in the first place – plus music and any other thoughts that drop into what I laughingly call my brain. I’ll be interested to see how this works, good luck!

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  111. I am very excited about your project to help us all connect. My blog Melba Christie at Poemattic contains mostly poetry and my artwork. I have been on WordPress since 2012 and basically enjoy the work of so many bloggers and hope that my poems are enjoyed as well. For me and my mantra is Poetry is life and life is poetry. Ii love reading poetry and love writing it. I also love art and music. I paint, sketch and so all kinds of crafts. I published a few adult coloring books which also includes my haiku poems. Once again. Thanks for the opportunity.

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  112. musingono51 says:

    My blog is called “Beginning Again–Writing from the Heart.” It can be found at I am a teacher and writer trying to reveal the power of writing to change lives. My theme is based on the idea that, no matter what happens in your life, you can begin again with each new day.

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  113. rubykent says:

    Love this idea!
    I’m a young writer, studying theatre at university. I have one blog for my portfolio, but my new blog is a uplifting funny blog about all sorts! Mainly lifestyle. I love to support young creatives too, would love for people to follow my journey!

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  114. MarrianWho says:

    Hello everyone! My name is Marrian, I’m quite new to blogging and staying focused on it with work and everything, but I’ve truly grown to love it! I started my blog to write about social issues, injustice and anything else that really had my attention so the content is quite diverse to say the least. I really want to utilize this time to improve The All-Round, it’s content and share it with the many beautiful people that are out there on the internet like Dr. Perry! So if you’re juuuust a little bit curious, check it out and subscribe for the latest!

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  115. Hej Everybody. My name is Harken Headers and my blog is and you can find everything Intriguingly Awkward there. On a serious note, I write books and I am working on some other projects as well. As far as what I have written about, it is mainly self improvement for subjects(thus far) like health and finances all with an awkward, witty and humorous twist.

    Dzięki for the opportunity! Have a great day!

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  116. Thank you for the invitation to share. My blog is just one of the components of my website: The blog is dialogue and conversation meant to explore and inspire reflection for living a better and more present life. The blog and the other components of the website: poetry, short stories (prose), as well as the picture gallery are centered around Bene-Log, which means the “good word,” and beauty found in nature and art. Everyone is invited to share and comment within those guidelines.

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  117. Hi Dr Perry, this is such a wonderful idea. Thank you for this lovely initiative connecting readers from all over the world. My blogs are on the subject of personal growth, with a focus on spirituality, and write about a range of tools and practices we can adopt to lead more fulfilling and joyous lives no matter what challenges or circumstances we are facing.
    Anyone interested can read more here:

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  118. Akldavies says:

    Hi Dr Perry and thank you for the opportunity. My blog is about my journey to recovery from eating disorders and mental health. The raw truth with odd positive quote 🙂

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  119. juliekarey says:

    Hi Dr. Perry, thanks for the invitation 😊.

    My blog is attached to my art website and includes posts about my projects as they unfold and about my process, goals to connect with people through art, and how various aspects of life influence or benefit from my creativity.

    Occasionally I share resources and offer up the wisdom that life has granted me thus far.

    I love your blog! Thanks again.

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  120. Ashwini says:

    Hello Dr. Perry! Thank you for spreading positivity through your posts and for taking up this initiative. 🙂 looking forward to other positive posts from your followers.

    Here’s a link to my blog

    Life is One Wodehouse story is about the simple things in life, the ups and downs. About falling down and standing up again. About the rains and sunshine. About places and people… I can go on but I hope readers got the gist. 😄

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  121. I’m an award-winning short story fiction writer and published memoir (magazine) writer and always, a work in progress towards becoming a better writer. My blog features my published work as well as on-going pieces I write that capture life’s moments that make me self-reflect, laugh, cry, scream, be curious, draw me into the past or somewhere new that scares me.

    Sometimes I tell a story in Six Words (see my six word story themes), sometimes in thousands. People who read my stories sometimes laugh, cry, nod, reflect or ask for more. Sometimes they don’t. I hope that you do!

    Thanks for opening your heart and giving bloggers an opportunity to connect, Dr. Perry. Best of luck to all bloggers! Hope we can inspire creativity and support together. Visit me at:

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  122. Jasmine Rico says:

    Hello Dr. Perry, thanks for the opportunity to share.
    Here’s a link to my blog:
    It is where I share my thoughts on family, life, education, and dreams. This is my way of reaching out to people.
    I intend to share my knowledge and views about some short stories, quotes, and grammar lessons in English.
    Thank you!

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  123. Amy _ H says:

    Dr Perry:

    My blog “My Everyday Sometimes,” is just about my everyday life. I am a 47 mom of two who has been diagnosed bipolar and adhd. I’ve been going to counseling every four weeks for the past 8 years and take medication to keep my moods stabilized.

    I write about my day, how I feel and how I react to situations that arise in life. I want people to know that they’re not alone and that there are others possibly ding through the same as them. I write about mental health, family, how hard it’s been losing my father this past January to cancer and losing my eye son 8 years ago to suicide. There are people out there wondering, just like me, if they’re going through this alone.

    So if you would like to add me to your directory, I would feel honored. I would also like a list of your directory when you are finished so I can read others blogs. Your writings have helped me tremendously on some dark days, thank you for what you do.

    Sincerely, Amy Harris


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  124. What a cool idea, Dr Perry! I’ve got 2 main blogs I’d like to share 😊

    One is Asperger Syndrome/Autism Spectrum-themed, The Silent Wave, at

    The other is a new blog, co-written with a very dear friend, in which we take turns writing reviews on various locally-owned wineries and restaurants (and occasionally other types of local business) that we come across in our leisure time. That blog is Texas Bite and Sip, at

    Thank you Dr Perry for this opportunity for all of us to share and connect, and thank you to all the commenters for sharing! ❤️

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  125. Greetings Dr. Perry! Great idea & opportunity, thanks! It’s a wonderful way to highlight one’s page & to connect with others. Love it!

    My blog is
    I share my personal poems, poems of others, talents/gifts/skills of others, positive vibes & reinforcement, resources to writing opportunities, vocabulary – we ALL know the importance of words, and try to be a reminder that “We’re All In This Thing Called Life,TOGETHER…Remember?” I simply try to be & share love as much and as often as possible.
    “Namastè & One Love Everyone!”❤💛💚

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  126. Sam says:

    Hi Dr. Perry, I’m so thrilled with this chance… Anyone who wants to know more stories about life, touching love and relationship stories as well as travels and tourist destinations mostly here in the Philippines. Feel free to drop on my blog Thank you! 😘

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  127. Simon says:

    Hi Dr Perry, and thank you for your interesting and informative posts. They’ve certainly helped me.

    I started my blog as a recovery tool to deal with the emotional abuse I suffered at the hands of my ex-partner, and to help come to terms with certain issues which have been with me since childhood. It’s been really helpful in terms of understanding what happened to me, how my previous issues had made me so vulnerable to her abuse and manipulation, and simply getting it out of my system! It’s not a pretty read; it’s often angry, emotional, disturbing, contradictory and probably incoherent, but it’s all there. I’ve poured it all out and I’m a better person for it.

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  128. Domenica says:

    Hello Dr. Perry,

    thank you for this beautiful initiative.

    The name of my blog is Magialchimia – Reminder of Philosophy, Italy, Culture and first of all on Your Values

    I am in love with classical philosophy, Italy, art, fascinated by the beautiful.

    Enchanted by this love enthusiasm, I swam the rivers of life that led me to study Italian, specialize in cultural communication in Rome and the school of philosophy. In the meantime, I have gained experience in education, translation and administration (with which I have not developed a loving relationship).
    The research spirit and the desire to acquire new knowledge opened me the door to new fields such as writing, psychology, art, spirituality.

    I believe in moral qualities, wisdom, generosity, nobility as essential human values. And I know (personally convinced) that every individual can become more humane, develop better relationships with the world around him, have his legacy (mission), constantly learn and build his career in the best possible way. I am always inspired by “weirdos” and “crazy” individuals who leave a positive impact on humanity. They can never achieve this without the support of other individuals and it is only possible if they do it together.

    I would love to help one another with the Magialchimia, wake up and be reminded of what we are capable of. This cloud in the internet sky is the seed of the first small steps towards this goal. I can’t wait to connect and get to know you better and make this world a better place by creating inspirational, creative contents, being students and teachers at the same time, sharing knowledge and experiences.

    Thank you,


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  129. rubykent says:

    Love this idea!!
    I am a bubbly theatre student with a passion for all things creative. I have 2 blogs, one used as a portfolio for my drama, but my new blog features all my articles! I have a new found passion for writing, and are usually light funny and readable, on lifestyle. Follow my journey with me!

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  130. hey there, well if you see my blog, I don’t know what you can find actually, some emotions, motivation, sadness, thought… it’s full of them, it’s more like my world of expressing. I like to write poetic contents… with the though it can be good to learn if memorized through poetries
    have a check and tell, if it’s worth reading and blogging out more. I don’t yet know if it’s good for everyone, we all try best as writers, don’t we… give it a try.

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  131. Priya says:

    Thanks Dr Perry ! First, would like to thank you for your awesome blog. Helped me with lots of information. 🙂

    Here is my blog link : .
    A humble attempt to pen down my poems ,thoughts,observations and views.
    Please have a look peeps!


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  132. Reely Bernie says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to instigate movie conversations, nostalgia, top ten lists, and Blockbuster Video memories 🙂 Best, Reely Bernie at

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  133. I think this is a great idea!

    Here is a description of my blog: When I was a child, I loved to read books and dreamed of one day sharing my own stories. Each post I’ve written takes a deeper look into my own mind, and you may even find yourself reflected back on the pages. I hope you enjoy!

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  134. Georganna says:

    Thank you Dr. Perry. This is a wonderful opportunity and I appreciate it greatly.

    My blog’s mission is to encourage, uplift and inspire individuals using God’s word and
    inspirational messages into Emotional Resilience, Mental Wellness and self-care.

    Blessings, Georganna


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  135. Mark says:

    The purpose of this blog is to share with you basic star gazing tips and to enlighten you to the wonders of some of the observable celestial happenings in the night sky. From time to time, I may elicit some of my experiences through my own stargazing adventures, photography, and public outreach events.

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  136. Lucy says:

    What an amazing idea for all of us to connect. Thank you for the opportunity, Dr. Perry.

    My blog centers around poetry, prose, and the occasional fictional whim into short stories or flash fiction. I also accept regular submissions, and am currently hosting a poem collaboration. I’m trying to expand my blog to include writing opportunities to connect with others through our writing.

    Here is the link:

    I hope you enjoy what you find. 🙂

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  137. New blogger. I am a writer using my blog to express my thoughts on writing, health (mainly my own) and current topics. And, to create a portfolio of my writing.

    Thanks for this post.

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  138. nabomitadas says:

    What a fantastic idea to connect with fellow bloggers. Thank you Dr. Perry for this opportunity. is my personal blog where I write about nostalgia, thoughts, memories, observations and simply just about anything that moves my perception towards life. I also have another blog that’s all about Vegan recipes, since I like many others find solace in food and in cooking. 😛 –

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  139. Alive And Well says:

    Thank you Dr. Perry
    Daily blogs have three parts:
    1. an invitation to enter the peace of the forest where I live
    2. A commentary of Biblical scripture
    3. the struggles and observations of an elderly, disabled, aspie who lives much like a hermit on the side of a mountain.
    God bless you all

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  140. Vanshika says:

    This is a wonderful idea, Dr.perry! Thank you for this.
    I share my thoughts and healing solutions on mental health issues, I also cover various topics under broad concept of redirection that one needs on different things when they are lost or confused in life.
    You can also find something light and interesting related to skincare, food and short stories.
    (I begin this blog 2 years back as an assignment but have decided to make it up again)
    –also, I love to read posts in the same context and I’m open to suggestions 🙂
    Feel free to share your posts in the comment section!

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  141. Charli Dee says:

    Hello everyone! Nice to meet all of you! I’m Charli Dee, and my blog is called “Life with Charli”! As you can probably tell from my blog name, I run a blog about life experiences! I share my experiences as a way to talk about issues that are important to me. Sometimes I always share some light hearted posts to encourage and inspire readers, or to make them smile. In my blog you mostly find posts about self esteem, women empowerment, disability, and mental health. Hope you give it a read, and if you do, I hope you enjoy the posts!

    Thankyou for this opportunity Dr. Perry!

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  142. tipsyditi says:

    Thank you, Dr. Perry, for this opportunity.

    My blog,, is a culmination of my thoughts and feelings as I learn more about myself and the world around me.
    These culminations are anywhere between some of the deepest thoughts I’ve ever had and some random, miniscule ideas that pop into my head from time to time.
    I believe it’s a pleasure to share my story with the world.

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  143. Greetings Dr. Perry,
    Wow 🤩! What an offer.
    I am reluctant to leave my information since, at this stage, you have 277 responses but, I will.
    My blog is Alicia J’s Place:
    I blog The Psalms. I blog each Psalm as the Spirit leads me. Hence, the Psalms are not in chronological order. However, I have 7 Psalms remaining out of 150.

    I have a wonderful surprise for the readers of my blog after I complete The Psalms.
    You are going to love ❤️ it!

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  144. Hello Dr. Perry, Thank you for your mail, your invitation and your blog! I love it. I think it’s a great idea to ‘cross-pollinate’ as it were, and may be you could do the same for your site and I’ll add you to my sidebar. As for ‘Your Lands, Stories and Songs,’ it’s a non-denominational, indigenously wise experience of our true human nature, a chance to glimpse our eternal face and fully embody our indestructible human spirit. Let me know if that works for you. And please respond with your description/logo, etc. Looking forward to hearing from you.Keep those insights coming, please! In Love and Light Linden  Linden Thorp: Writer and seeker of our true human nature of goodness and light. The power of words must never be underestimated so my sacred mission is to touch people using them skillfully, moving all beings from the darkness into the light!

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  145. Diane Grove says:

    This is so cool! I wrote The Common Place and while I plane to add co tent as an author and illustrator from my collection, I am currently sharing interactive homeschool lesson plans. I also have Rainbow Baby Blog where I wrote about my homebirth and other “crunchy ” topics as well as my first year homeschooling.

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  146. I would love to connect with others and share my
    Blog and journey….
    The truth is I’m so new to this blogging world that I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing! I didn’t even initially know how to comment on this thread! (Obviously I’ve worked it out now).
    So, my new blog was started up a few days ago to voice my thoughts about Autism (my 4-year old diagnosed with ASD last year), and my ‘how to’ guide. Add a bit of humour, a lot of honesty into the mix and that’s me….all the way from the UK.
    Tags include Autism, Helping others, mindset, parenting, perspective, positivity, psychology, the power of the mind, overcoming adversity …. 🙏🏻

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  147. valeriecheskipolymerclay says:

    Thank you Dr. Perry. What a kind offer!
    I’m Valerie and my blog is Although originally about my now defunct shop, my blog still continues! My blog is about my life. And occasionally creating small bits of art.

    Thank you again and hello to everyone!

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  148. Thank you for this intiative, Dr. Perry. My blog is for people who love to get well researched Beauty, Health, Entertainment and Technology tips! Lifestyle, Bollywood and More… basically! Blog’s name is

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  149. Project Mike says:

    Hi, my name is Mike. I am a productivity nutjob.
    Productivity is simply how fast you produce new content. It matters for everyone – students, hairdressers, accountants, artists… By finishing your job more quickly, you have more time in the day to spend it however you want. Enjoy some time off or even do some extra work to stay ahead of the competition.

    I explore topics like productivity and learning in my blog here
    I post every Monday and Thursday.

    Dr. Perry, Thank you for this opportunity.

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  150. nasheemacohen says:

    Good day Dr. Perry & fellow Bloggers…

    This is absolutely brilliant! I totally love the idea!!!

    Please visit :

    Hoping that you enjoy my views on life together with its inspiration, motivation, humor and advice.

    I truly appreciate this opportunity 😍

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  151. Divine says:

    Good day Dr. Perry. My name is Divine and my blog is called “The Wallflower’s Corner”, and you can visit it here: My blog is a mixture of self-reflection, musings on Afro-cultural nuances, commentary on mental health, scattered narratives on the human condition and on introversion, prose and short stories, reviews of books, movies and music, among a host of other random wonderful content.
    I really appreciate this. Thanks! 🙂

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  152. Hi Dr. Perry,

    I do my best to curate and share resources on social emotional learning, trauma-informed and restorative practices in education, mindfulness, and yoga to my community, with the hopes of providing curated support to Detroit students, educators and parents/caregivers.

    Thank you for sharing such meaningful content with the world! 🙏

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  153. bjeanmuldoon says:

    Super smart Dr. Perry!!! Thanks for doing this!

    This is taken straight from my “About” section:

    In the 9 months that lead up to me starting this blog I lost my home, my husband/best friend, my marriage and my job. It felt as if the universe had stripped me of everything I had previously used to value myself. I felt utterly lost. I often found myself asking “What can I actually hold on to? What is my solid ground to stand on, no matter who I am with, where I live or what my occupation is?” As I have walked, stumbled and at times crawled through this immensely difficult time there are four core values that I have come to understand as my solid ground. Authenticity. Courage. Trust. Spirituality. The stories and reflections I share on this blog are my attempt to understand how to move through the world holding fiercely to these values. Welcome to my life in A.C.T.S.

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  154. Jay says:

    My blog is mostly personal, but I share a lot about mental health, self-acceptance and taking car of oneself. It’s a place to go when you want to put your feet up and have some judgement-free fun! I’ve made friends through it, and I’m always open to make more!

    (Thank you for this post, now to visit everyone else’s blogs! ❤

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  155. Ade Suah says:

    Hi Doc thanks for the opportunity to share. My blog is called on WordPress and I write about health wellness and business. If you wanna learn how to do business in liberia or just in inspiration for life you can visit my site

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  156. Steve says:

    Thank you for doing this. My blog is about my personal history, some travel and general lighthearted nonsense. Most of my articles (with one exception) are intended to make people smile!

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  157. Asha Oya says:

    Hi! My name is Asha Oya. My blog is

    I am a writer orginally from Chicago but currently based in the southwest. I am on a journey of personal development to realize myself. I am embarking on a long-term roadtrip and will be documenting it. My goal is to help others become their truest selves by learning how to do it myself and sharing what I learn. My blog has articles on my journey, my dreams and interpretations, poetry, fiction, meditation, psychedelics, tarot, and anything that I experience which is apart of the process of discovering me. I also created a free journaling course (any level ) that will help anyone gain more self-awareness and outlines what I do personally.

    Thanks for allowing us to plug! I’m excited to get to see these wonderful websites!

    Much love,

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  158. dawnfanshawe says:

    Dear Dr Perry,
    You certainly had a great response to this wonderful idea. i’ve opened up a few other blogs to read, but will look for more later. i already find I could be reading all day, if I read all the works my blogger fellows posted. and I do try to read them all! I blog about a variety of things – usually sharing my creations of whatever form – for the last 45 weeks I have posted weekly instalments from a book I had published in 2015 – about my journey caring for my young mother with early-onset Alzheimers. It all began a very therapeutic journey that I’ve been dealing with ever since. Blog also contains all my poetry and links to my recordings of audio spoken word works.
    Thank you. Dawn

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  159. Anyahara Oluebube says:

    Thank you for this
    My blog around the globe, is all about true life story to motivate you and keep you going. It also has a lifestyle and an African story section.

    I hope you readers would find it inspiring.Thanks

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  160. My blog is at and I write about Chronic Pain and Invisible Illness. My goal is to educate and empower others who live with these conditions. Thank you for allowing me to share.

    I am on a hiatus from new posts at the moment, but hope to be back and writing again soon.

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  161. What a great idea! I have a blog at, and in addition offer videos on various self improvement topics, as well as discussing questions that have been submitted to me. I am the author of “The Great Love Story of Your Life: Learning to Love Yourself and Others and Find Purpose.” Thank you, Dr. Perry.

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  162. Kristi says:

    Hello, Dr. Perry! My blog is and I write about my life with bipolar as well as other mental illness and mental health issues. 😀

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  163. Dr. Perry, I have to thank you for creating this opportunity to promote our blogs.
    I am Magdalena Louw.I live in a small rural town, in Burgersdorp in South Africa.
    My blog is:From my memories
    I had a miserable childhood and had a very abusive mother and foolish decisions,changed my life.My struggles, to except the outcome of my life, the hatred towards her. My failed marriage to an abuser and then to a man who committed suicide.My loose life, between marriages and my trauma of seeing so many elderly die,in the Old Age home where I had to be the “RN in charge, as the RN’s didn’t stay long….I’m only a ENA, just think of my messed up life.I used to nurse, until 4 years ago, when I had to retire due to ill health, which turned out to be an incurable, terminal illness called Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension,which is really not well known in SA. My blog is mos ly about my true life’s experiences,from as far as I can remember and is aimed, to use as a example, to others in the same situation….to use my life, as guide line, if you will, to not make the same mistakes or if they already did, how I handled it.It is thus important to start reading my posts from the beginning, to understand my issues.
    I also have a blog with Google Blogger, that I recently started, aimed on more daily thoughts and to give advertisers the opportunity to advertise their products on my blog:
    Then I would like to invite you to see my boards on Pinterest, which is a hub of information.
    My life on a blog (Lenielouw1964)
    Thank you again, for this opportunity.
    Looking forward in taking part, in your “experiment”?

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  164. My blog ‘The Mindful Musings of a Gingernut’ is filled with ramblings about my travel experiences, as well as musings about my self-care and well-being journey.
    There are plenty of photo’s (mostly my own) as well, so if you get bored of my ramblings, you can at least look at some pretty pictures 😀🙏🏻 –

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  165. KAJ Studio says:

    Hi Sir,
    Thanks for this initiative. I generally write on life and politics mainly and also look forward to sharing some writing on business too.
    Thank you

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  166. A says:

    My blog ‘Brown Girl Adventures’ is both, a lifestyle and a personal blog. Here you’ll find discussion posts about current affairs which you can join, makeup looks and reviews, restaurant reviews, my diary entries, picture posts, a how-to manual and so much more! It’s humorous too and keeps up with what’s trending! P.S. I’m a photographer in the making, haha.

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  167. Your blog articles are very helpful, Dr. Perry. I enjoy reading them. Looks like my comment didn’t post this afternoon. Starting over. 🙂

    My name is Debbie. My blog is and I write about…my life. I live a life of chronic pain and mobility issues. I’m a 50-something mother of 2 adult children, and Gramma of 4 beautiful grandkids. I love cats and my Dad is my best friend. I share funnies on Fridays (I’ve been MIA for a while) and I occasionally share a chapter from the novel I’m writing. I write a series called, “The Ex-Files” which is all about my loser ex. I have been known to write about my thoughts and opinions, bad days, kind people, and a multitude of other things. Thank you.

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  168. Hello Dr. Perry!
    What a great idea! Thanks so much for the opportunity to share my blog. It is based on the saying “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” I write about approaching all of the life lessons the teacher brings with curiosity and openness. Here is a link to my site.
    With gratitude,

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  169. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us, Dr.Perry. My blog is called Goddess Rules( I use it as a platform to help people live more enjoyably and productively. We cover any issue that may impact a person’s daily life-size, love, family, workplace issues, self-esteem, etc.. I am personally committed to the task of providing the best possible solutions to enhance the lives of all of my people. I am a emotionally receptive empath who is actively involved in teaching and mentoring any who are in need of help. I am looking forward to speaking with you soon as I am such a fan of your work. Once again, I am thankful for all you do for our human family.

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  170. Julie says:

    Thank you, this is a good idea. I love reading other peoples blogs. My blog is aimed at improving life. I am currently writing blogs based on each area of the wheel of life to hopefully give people ideas and things to think about when looking to make changes perhaps in their work, health, relationsips etc. I have 2 relationship articles on the go which should be uploaded in the next couple of days.


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  171. sacredtinnedpears says:

    Hi Dr Perry – thank you for this – a great idea.

    I write …

    -About how wonderful and joyful true learning is.
    -As an educator who is keen to promote inclusion.
    -As a person who learnt how inner reflection/Jungian psychology/dream analysis/metaphor is the key to a happy, purposeful life.
    -As a believer in the sacred, the numinous, the divine, God, The Force (call it what you will) as something that seeks to connect and guide us on a path to flourishing – individually and collectively.

    I started off normal, didn’t I?

    Grateful and in love with life. Quite new to blogging. Hardly anyone reads it. Not even my mates.

    Still driven to express it though and genuinely want to learn from others and hopefully, be helpful to others.


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  172. Kay says:

    Oh wow this is super nice and helpful of you! I don’t know how you will find my comment through all the others but I appreciate when people support others. My blog is just getting started but my main focus will be on self improvement as well as info on the pagan lifestyle. Eventually I’d love to work with brands and blog for them.

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  173. Lindsay says:

    Hi all – thanks for this resource Dr. Perry! My site/blog is – I chat about my mental health ruts, tips for moving beyond/forward from them if others struggle with the same sort of ruts. I also complete a daily gratitude practice which I encourage others to participate it. Other topics include mindfulness & self care practices.

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  174. soberover40 says:

    Thank you for this opportunity. My blog is
    I write about my sobriety journey, successes, failures, warts and all. I do my best to be thoughtful, authentic, and transparent. My hope is my journey can help someone in the way that reading about others’ journeys have helped me.

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  175. Thanks for the opportunity. First of all, your blog is amazing.
    Initially when I started my blog, I wanted to give it more time and energy. I was hoping to blog about Self-improvement through the lens of my own experiences in life and readings, which is my main focus still.
    I was also hoping to share summaries of history books. However, can’t find time yet to do it. But if anyone is interested in collaborating on the history blog, I’d love to work together.
    My blog is new, quarantine has helped me write a lot. Most topics end up with some conclusion into how they relate to self-awareness and improvement. You can check it out at

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  176. Vee says:

    Thank you for the opportunity to share my blog here, Dr. Perry.
    Once a week at I share my short articles and writings that are intended to inspire you, brighten your week, and provide you with something worth thinking about. I don’t have a set topic, just whatever happens to be on my mind.

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  177. Chip Bailey says:

    Choice greetings everyone! Been writing since I was 14 and spent 8 years writing about the Astros for the Houston Chronicle. Now, we help people jumpstart their lives by encouraging articles and ideas.

    Today more than ever, people are searching for a future and a hope. We help them to clear out the clutter and focus on the critical things to get their lives on track and heading in the direction of their dreams and goals.

    Would love for you to stop by and visit. You can find us at Leave a reply here if I can help you in any way or if you have any questions. I am a chaplain at a large resort and a Financial Coach.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

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  178. Nadine says:

    Hello! I blog about all things sustainability: zero waste and plastic free living, connecting with nature, low waste parenting, composting, amateur gardening, and resources to lessen our impact 😊 all set in beautiful British Columbia. Thanks!

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  179. Hie dr
    Thank you for this opportunity to share my blog @http://theigotaddictedtoloverelationshipstruggle .my blog is my space to share tips on how to achieve goals .this where I share my experiences with love and relationships my platform where I share advice for those who need motivation

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  180. Thank you doc
    Well my blog is just about all the ecperiences and I mean life experience the ups and the downs of it .how to lift yourself up and be confident a few tips on relationships and love you name it @http//:theigotaddictedtoloverelationshipstruggle

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  181. Alliediltz says:

    Hello everyone! My name is Allie and I have a little blog located at

    I write about my journey towards redemption after engaging in infidelity in my marriage. I also have Bipolar Disorder, so part of my blog relates to how that interferes with life.

    I take a very up front and exposing stance on my blog, and some of it may be unsavory or even offensive to some readers. But this is my journey back to myself, and I write it through that perspective.

    Please check it out and let me know what you think! I’m just starting out with my blog and I would love any suggestions or criticisms, if you want to give them. Thanks!

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  182. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share! My blog is focused on storytelling. Most of the entries deal with the world of my fantasy novel I’m working on, but I also include some tips for other writers, some life tips in general, and other tools that writers can use to improve their craft.

    I am currently releasing a chapter per week of a horror story I’ve been working on for some time as well.

    Thank you again for this, it’s a great idea!

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  183. Sara says:

    Hi! Thank you for the opportunity to share and connect with others. I am a new blogger, sharing my healing journey experiences from childhood sexual abuse. I use both writing and art as tools for self expression. It is my hope to create a space of validation, insight, and collective support. Thank you again!

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  184. Hello, and thank you very much for this opportunity! My blog is located at:

    I write Encouraging stories, thoughts and ideas to instill hope in the face of challenging life circumstances. I live with severe, and persistent chronic pain and at times my writing refers to this area of my life, but they are not limited to that topic alone, and all are relevant to the many different kinds of challenges we all face in life.

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  185. Hello everyone, I am The Wheelchair Teen and my blog is about my life as a black, disabled teenager. I share what my every day life is life and talk about the sort of challenges that I encounter and how I overcome them. I also give advice such as: Talking to Someone in a Wheelchair Dos and Don’ts:

    Thanks so much for the opportunity to be able to share my story with more people.

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  186. Good health to all. My blog showcases my poems and poems by poets I emulate and admire. I also exhibit my photography and drawings. I have published three books and will soon release a collection of poems. I have loved poetry all my life and consider poetry to be a reflection of life itself. Thus my mantra is Poetry is Life and life is poetry. I taught for many years and I am now retired devoted to my family and four grandchildren. I write to leave them with a little history of my inner thoughts, my love for nature, and even some of my fears.
    Thanks for the opportunity Dr. Perry to promote my blog To all my fellow bloggers: Please stay safe and healthy.

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  187. Ranjani Ravi says:

    Hi Dr.Perry, I hope I’m not too late to join. My blog is more about the how and why of general things.

    It mostly includes specific topic and it’s mechanism or debunking the ways to certain things.

    Blog topics: Mind, Psychology, Book review and daily life.

    Here’s to the link of my blog:

    Thanks for creating this platform. 🙂

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  188. Thank You For the opportunity…
    Here’s my my blog:
    My blog posts thoughts… feelings… emotions twinned into poetic lines…
    Stories I like from my great bloggers… and articles penned from emotions from lifetime relationships… soulful attachments… friendship… reincarnation theme… further I wish to add lockdown refreshing things to do… stay home stay safe…

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  189. sowtheearthweb says:

    Thank you for letting us share our blogs; it is really appreciated.

    My name’s Nic, and my blog is called ‘Sow the Earth’. The blog complements my up-and-coming Etsy shop, ‘where art meets eco’. My blog has articles on all things environment, art, and lifestyle; and I also write creatively too. My blog can be found here:


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  190. Sheryl Rose says:

    I love this stuff, getting to know other bloggers. My blog is around 3 months old. I’m going to have to take a course on how to get the most out of WordPress eventually. My blog is about survival and my thoughts. I’m writing a story and if this story can help that will be my deepish wish granted.

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  191. Nicole Smoke says:

    A work in progress which I have devoted to the survivors, the sufferers, the abuse of children and those who are not aware of their actions and of course those who are narcissistic and seek to work on their behavior and to heal the world through the truth of what it means to be a part of humanity.

    Thank you Dr Perry, your blog is inspiring.

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  192. Lacy says:

    What an amazingly thoughtful way to share and reach people.

    I’m a certified Holistic Nutritionist. I don’t focus on weight lost and macros. My focus is that my clients feel well and each nourishing foods that are going to contribute toward optimal wellness. I can be found at

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  193. cjradmin1 says:

    Thanks so much for this opportunity to contribute within the community! I am a world language teacher and hope to bring fellow educators together to collaborate on inquiry based instruction, “wonder language” so we can get the kids more interested and inquisitive to learn about the world around them- in short giving students and teachers the tools to help them get more curious about the world, in effort to increase intercultural awareness and competence as fellow global citizens. Any educator (or parent) interested to learn more, can follow me at, and also in the FB group: cultivating curiosity for the WL classroom

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  194. inboklee says:

    Hello Dr. Perry,
    Thank you so much for this opportunity to share about myself. My blog is called, “A Continual Learner.” My passion is to learn together, with broad range from personal finance to leadership. I have recently graduated from the University of Georgia, and is planned to serve in the United States Air Force in the fall. I would love to gain attractions to share and learn together. Thank you very much.

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  195. Bayisenge says:

    hello Dr Perry, thank you for this opportunity, your blogs alone are so good and informative. I am a big fan
    my new blog is all about relationships and what we can do to manage them, but the 2 first article talks about human behaviors and how we fall in love, how women and men differ when it comes to choose their partners my website:

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  196. Francisco Bravo Cabrera says:

    In my blog you will find poetry, art and music, to include an Artists Series, a Picasso series and a music series featuring a song and the performer. Thank you 🙏🏻

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  197. Hello! I write about productivity, minimalism, and my medical journey. Aiming to influence readers to live their lives to the fullest by being the best versions of themselves now. Here is my site for easy access:

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity to unite writers! 🙂

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  198. christin says:

    Hello, my blog is . I write about our daily encounters with the beauty of life. If you are looking for poetry ,a little humour and the ups and downs of life. Do visit, so we can share and connect.
    Thankyou Dr . Perry

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  199. lightoflife says:

    Thanks for the opportunity Dr Perry, I write poetries majorly ( both in English and Hindi, my mother tongue as am from India). I usually write about women, children and culture of India. I als have written a few short liners in hindi that describes emotions of love.
    If anyone likes to read, do visit my blog

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  200. L. L. Kelly says:

    Hi Dr. Perry.
    You have a wonderful blog, and I am glad to see your generous invitation to other bloggers to promote their work.
    My blog, LLKELLYPOETRY.COM, began several years ago when I was looking for ways to share my writing hobby with others. I’m a bit shy, so wordpress was a good place for me.
    Poetry has healing power. It helps us reflect; it comforts us and helps us express a wide range of thoughts and feelings. It inspires us to view the world from different perspectives. It give us permission to be creative.
    If any of you readers would like a dose of poetry now and then, you are always welcome.

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  201. Hello Dr Perry, thank you for this opportunity to share my blog on your platform😊😊 my blog’s name is “she speaks” it talks about mental health and motivation. I invite you all to view my blog.

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  202. Ingrid says:

    Thank you Dr Eric Perry for this generous opportunity and for your wonderful website which I often turn to for advice regarding my particular emotional issues. At my blog you will find short fiction, poetry, and lots of life-affirming diary posts within ‘The Quarantine Diaries’ section.

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    This is my creative space where I hope to inspire and empower other queens through my life of trying to keep it together. It’s all about my life as a young working first time mom in New York City. It also touches upon my traveling adventures.

    Thank you Dr. Perry for the opportunity to share my blog!

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  204. jofarmer says:

    Thank you for this. I discuss crafting, especially crochet. I also provide information about about autism, a neurological condition I have. I provide information about autism and work, getting and flourishing, useful for employers and employees alike.

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  205. This is an awesome thread of replies! So many cool blogs.
    My blog is and it is about whatever I’m thinking about, honestly. Sometimes it’s dance (ballet), sometimes it’s college, and sometimes it’s my faith.

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  206. What a lovely idea! I’ve read through a lot of comments and will go back and visit some of the sites – some amazing people here!

    My Blog, ‘This Is Me’, is me trying to explain my depression, write poetry which is basically based on my depression and the things that affect it, my suicide attempts, how I feel, how people make me feel…all in the hope that someone might read it at the right time and realise they’re not alone. Here’s the link:

    Thanks Dr. Perry 🙂

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  207. toobehuman says:

    My blog is all types of creative writing about the life of a young adult from grief to love I hope some of you would give it a look❤️
    Also nice idea for a post thanks for sharing a platform!

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  208. AnuRijo says:

    Thank you 🙏 so much for giving such a wonderful opportunity for the early birds 🐦 🦢 on WordPress like me..Well, My writing ✍️ mainly focuses on empowering women,parenting,relationships, positive thoughts etc.. I am pretty much confident that You guys won’t be disappointed once you have gone through my blog..😊..
    Anu😊 –

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  209. Dr. Perry, thank you for the open forum, to share a bit about our blogs and to learn about others. Scrolling to the bottom of the comments page, I have already looked at several sites. How wonderful. My blog, found at, is my creative space where I share original photography, moving poems (some w/audio), entertaining stories, and an occasional inspiring interview. I reside in Arizona and most of my photos reflect the beautiful Sonoran Desert. I post once a week, every Saturday morning. Thanks again! I look forward to reading more. Best wishes everyone, Michele

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  210. Dr Perry. I appreciate the opportunity! Words have tremendous energy and power, they can educate, heal and illuminate the mind. The articles I write on my blog do just that – My objective is to puch the reader to adopt an explorer mind set, look deep under the surface, ask themselves real questions such as “Do you Know Who You Are” – “Why do People Do the Thins they Do”, and find out that at the end of the day that they already have within them all the answers to their questions. My most recent article is titled “How to overcome herd mentality – -It is a story about sheep, bees and humans as social animals.

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  211. Thank you for this post. I’m loving scrolling through the replies finding new blogs to follow.

    If anyone is interested in equality, inclusion and diversity or simply wants to feel seen and valued, please check out my wordpress blog

    I have an MBA and PhD, two sons and a daughter and I believe they should have equal opportunities in life. I work with organizations to help make this happen. I listen to employees stories and I share these through my blog.

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  212. Hi

    Thanks for your great offer.

    My blog is all about balance, balanced nutrition and Ayurveda.

    I am looking forard seeing lots of interesting blogs.

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  213. Tina Dadu says:

    I Dr perri. Thanks for letting me share my blog here.

    I am on a mission to make doctors financially LITERATE. I am a doctor myself, and for years had no knowledge of finance,or investment. Coz of this I could never set my financial goals. Also was always scared of financial planners,as could never trust them with their hidden motives.

    So not only doctors,but everyone should know be financially literate.

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  214. Madhu Saran says:

    Hello Dr.Perry,

    Thank you so much for creating this opportunity to share my blog in this platform. Have been reading your blog for a while now and it is truly healing and inspiring. Kudos to you!

    This is my blog:

    I mainly write philosophical stuff. Mostly positive thinking, healing, acceptance and such. Truly wish to help people by sharing my own experience in life and also my take on things. Hope my story and thoughts help anyone out there who needs to hear they can do this and this too shall pass.

    Many Cheers,
    Madhu Saran

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    Kindly read & share your valuable thoughts 🙂

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    In this time of pandemic, we all are learning, exploring and growing and helping each other in the best way possible. In my contribution, I started this blog (for some it may be too late, or for some it might be too soon), for all the good reasons I could think of.
    Through the blog, one can get to read about my personal experiences in form of poetry, articles, stories and something that might make you think beyond and inspire you.

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    It has already been a pleasure finding new blogs to follow. The information enormous.
    I look forward to interacting with you all.
    Thank you for following my blog. I am humbled.
    I am a poet and writer. In my blog, dead poets society I talk about poetry, i seek to widen peoples’ knowledge on poetry and its importance to us.

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  219. My blog journals the last 5 years of my recovery from a motor vehicle brain injury. Most recently I have been sharing some major improvements in my daily functioning due to a Music Therapy I signed onto a couple months back. The dramatic improvements have been life changing.

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  220. Dr. Perry, great idea and thank you for this opportunity. My site is the workplace -The goal of this site is to bring a balanced and researched-based perspective on topics related to both private and public-sector workplaces. Anything that effects the workplace I write about it.

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  221. Thank you, Dr. Perry, for the opportunity to share my blog. My WordPress site is Peggy Writes at I write a weekly Christian devotional blog. I write one post for adults and one for children on the same topic so that parents and children can read and discuss together. I share my experiences and photographs of God’s marvelous creation. I am also an aspiring children’s picture book author.

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    Sending love and I hope everyone is keeping safe!

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    Here is mine: It is about personal development, I try to motivate others to keep going on and work on their dreams through my personal stories.

    I hope someone will find it useful.

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  227. Hello Dr. Perry,
    My blog: , despite the name, is centred around living your best life with chronic pain and dealing with the ugly parts that are a day to day part of it. Knowing it’s ok and knowing we’re all going to handle things differently.
    Thank you-

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